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Sunday, May 29, 2011


Being a stay at home mom and earn online is a blessing. I thank the day that my friend encouraged me to join blogging. It wasn't as hard and difficult as I thought it was specially when you have friends who are willing to help you along the way. I have read a lot of interesting articles written by people from all over the world. Gave me the chance to get a glimpse of how they are living and coping with day to day activities. Made lots of new friends all over. One of the downside to blogging is when you get directed to sites that are malicious with spyware and malware programs and viruses that wreak havoc on my computer. It seemed like every year we were buying a new computer due to viruses infecting the hard drive. I didn't know then that something like PC Tools could help with what I was having trouble with. We just got a new touch smart computer and I will be damned first before I let any virus get into our system. We have anti-virus installed but I would rather look into more options to see a better way of protecting our new computer. I am keeping a close watch on our new computer and if I notice that our anti-virus is not working up to par I will not hesitate to get help and download any antivirus software on PC Tools.



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