The Designers Chic

Wednesday, July 27, 2011


I miss going to the mall. Malling is one of the few things that I consider my alone time even if I'm not really alone. Its been 2 weeks since I have been to the mall. By no means am I what you consider shopaholic. I am more of the window shopper, browsing through racks and racks of clothing and just admiring things. The last time I was at the mall a lot of small stores or boutiques had a lot of urban clothing on display. Most young generations a fearless when it comes to fashion sense. They wear what they want to wear and still look fashionable. Growing up I always wanted to join in the band wagon on what was in fashion but we couldn't afford it. Not being able to afford clothes that were in fashion didn't stop me from looking presentable. Brands don't matter to me, I wear what feels good and look good on me. I am very curios to see what my girls fashion sense are going to be like in the coming years. I can already see a fearless fashionista in my youngest daughter. But we shall see, the oldest will be hitting puberty in less than 5 years. Will things change drastically? Only time will tell.



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