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Sunday, September 4, 2011


I never did get the chance to write about the hurricane we just had. With me recovering from surgery still its hard to really sit down in front of the computer while my stomach area is still tender.

Hurricane Irene decided to hit the East Coast last August 27-28. I just has surgery a couple of days before that so Ralph did most of the running around buying emergency stuff that we may need like, water, batteries and just little snacks for the kids. For some reason I was not in pain, just a little sore inside and from my incision. I invited our friend Krista to stay with us and brave the storm at our house. The kids had fun playing with their respective Nintendo DS games and just basically left us adults by ourselves. I was worried about my husband, he had to work a 12 hour shift or longer depending on the orders from the Captain. I was so glad that Hurricane Irene didn't really hit us full on. We did get water in our basement about 3 inches. I was not really bothered about the flooding in the basement. I was more worried about the water reaching the outlet and the refrigerator, air conditioning unit and the hot water unit. Other than that I was not worried about the other stuff in the basement. Our sub-pump wasn't working. Even though it was just been a couple of days after my surgery I still had to do my part. Ralph got home after midnight and had to be up again at 7 a.m. With our sub-pump not working we decided to use the pool pump to get the water out and it worked.

We are just thankful that after all the weather reports Irene decided to slow down a bit. I am just glad its over and we are all safe. My heart goes out to all the family who have lost houses, properties and even loved ones.



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