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Monday, October 17, 2011


Have you ever had family relative say they will visit you on a certain month but don't show up? It's happening to me. Well,I should say it looks like it may happen to me. I still haven't heard anything from my cousin in Chicago about her supposed visit this week. According to her she will be coming down before Kaitlyn's birthday which also happens to be her god daughter. I guess half of me is sad and half is a little relieved. Don't take the relived part in a bad way. I love having family over, its just her two kids are allergic to many things including our dog. They have had a lot of allergy scare since her kids were born. Lucky for the kids their mom is a Registered Nurse she has also done her research and read a lot of site probably including food allergies austin. She is very well informed and very well prepared when coming to visit me. They bring their food for the kids as they have special diet. Her kids are great but I feel scared of having them here in my house. I don't want them to get sick. No matter how much I clean the dog hair will still be around and I can't very well get rid of our family dog nor keep him cooped up in the in-law suite. I had better call her tomorrow and find out what going on.



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