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Friday, November 4, 2011


This post is for my Grandpa who died last July,2011. He was the rock in the family. A man who was not afraid of honest hard work. A man who dedicated his life taking care of his family. Lolo instilled good values in me. I miss him so much and until now, I still can't grasp the enormity that he is gone. I know he is with our creator but deep inside I have not fully accepted it. As we were driving into the development yesterday when all of a sudden I felt like crying. Missing him so much is painfully. Crying was my outlet when I found out about his death a few months ago. So much tears was shed for him but it wasn't enough. It will probably hit me hard when I go home and visit my grandparents house. The thought that he won't be eating with us, laughing with us and sharing stories with us. I miss you so much Lo, it hurts. But I know you are looking down on us. At least I have a lot of memories to remember you by. I will miss you forever!



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