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Friday, December 30, 2011


I have been so busy!!! If only Thanksgiving wasn't so close to the Holidays I would have been fine. I feel like I haven't recovered from Thanksgiving and then its already Christmas and New Year is just a few days away. I did get a reprieve when we had Christmas day dinner at my BIL house. The only thing about holidays is that I hate cleaning up and the cooking. It just drains me. Sure, its very fulfilling to see your family enjoying your fruit of labor but not so when its time to clean up, lol.

My cousins and her family are here as well. She has two girls and they are just so adorable. I am glad though that they did come. We have been talking about anything and everything. She is homeschooling her kids and her kids are striving. We also talked about the things they plan to do in the spring time and summer. Since they enjoy camping that will be included in future activities. I could not believe that she camps with her kids. She then proceeded to tell me that camping is fun specially if you have the right mountain hardwear. The trick is to be organized and to have fun. I don't think I will ever go camping. Ralph has been talking about camping with the kids in our backyard in the Summer. Well, they can camp all they want! I am sleeping inside where no worms can get close to me, lol. I just want to stick to the kids playing in the backyard or either swimming. I will not say never but camping is so at the bottom of my list.


Gemma Wilson said...

Christmas is such a fun time - looks like you had a wonderful holiday...


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