The Designers Chic

Thursday, December 8, 2011


Just this morning I was having a battle of my life. With what? With our downstairs hallway closet door. For some reason the sliding door won't cooperate on me. I hate and love sliding doors. No matter what I tried lifting the door and aligning the bearings it still wouldn't align properly. I was so close to loosing it and just tearing the door down, lol. Giving up was not a choice, had to think of another way. Finally I got a philips screw driver and just took the bearing out. I realigned it on top of the door and screwed it back it. Beaming with pride, I hopped off Kaitlyn's stool and almost did a dance. I was so proud of myself. Now that I know how to fix it by the end of this night I will have fixed the sliding door closet in our guest room.



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