The Designers Chic

Tuesday, December 20, 2011


What a great Monday! My new friend Allison and I went to Target to score some great deals. Of course since I don't drive and she doesn't have a care my hubby played chauffeur for us, dropping and picking us up at the mall. It was the husbands day to babysit while the wives go on a bargain hunt,lol.

We first went to Target to check out what things we could get. While there we checked out the baby aisle for my friends 6 month old baby. We ooohed and ahhhed over the cute outfits. And of course talked about anything and everything from feeding, potty training, being pregnant, maternity dresses,breastfeeding to parenting. After Target we hit up the food court where my husband and Kaitlyn met with us for lunch. It wouldn't be a mall day without visiting some of the other stores like Victoria Secret and Forever XXl. We didn't purchase anything, just ended up looking. Our main goal was one thing Target. We went back in with a vengeance. We both went home with a few bags of great finds. Mine was under $12 which was great since we had a $20 deal limit. She went over since she had to purchase diapers for her baby. But, all in all we did great!!!



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