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Tuesday, March 6, 2012


This is my family

Taken last March 3rd, we were celebrating my MIL's 70th birthday. All her kids and grand kids were present. Its always a blast a trip having all of us in one roof. A typical Italian family,always loud! Instead of having dinner at our house my MIL and I decided to just eat out. This way we didn't need to cook or clean anything. All we need to do is show up, eat, have fun, pay the bill and leave the clean up to the bus boys, lol. We ate at a Chinese buffet. Most people would say why the Chinese buffet? First, its very affordable since not all of us can afford a $50 meal each on one sitting. Second, we happen to love the diversity of the food. We had to be seated in their party room and boy did we laugh our hearts out. It was really fun. Although, the food selection this time was horrible, it was bad! In spite of that, it was still a family filled day.

We all went back to our house for more talking and laughter. It was at our house that MIL wanted to get a picture of her kids and their respective family. The picture above is my family with my two beautiful girls, husband and loving Mother-in-law. I wonder what next year is going to be like. Maybe we will have it at our house this time, who knows!



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