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Sunday, April 29, 2012


Do you ever wonder what hidden talent yours children have? I often dream about what my children's talent would be. But,we can never make our kids be something they don't want. Still, I often wish one of my children will have talent and love for music. As far as my husband and I have observed, my youngest seems to be more inclined to music, be it singing or trying to play an instrument. She loves the Fresh Beat Band and wants to like "Kiki" who plays guitar and "Marina" who plays drum. She adores them and tries to follow there every move. That has prompted my husband to looking for music stores that offers lessons and that one of the largest retail of music band and orchestra instruments Music & Arts is just close by. The website itself is very user friendly with instruments and accessories easy to find. They offer rentals,repairs, lessons and they also have great deals online and in store. If your interested on learning to play an instruments go to "lessons" and put in your zip codes to find the nearest store in your area.  And your in luck because just for this week they are offering a 10% off in stores, just print out the coupon found on the site. If you prefer to shop online you are in luck with  iGive: $20 off $100 purchase Use Code: IGIVEMUSIC . Now that can make for an affordable musical instrument for your or your loved one.

Don't just take my word for it. Go check them out and have fun browsing at the hundreds of musical instruments they have to offer. Let music be your voice and be heard!



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