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Wednesday, April 25, 2012


Check out my tired, puffy and itchy red eyes. That is due to Spring allergy. Oh how I enjoy scratching my eyes out, not!!! It is such a pain in the neck and its very uncomfortable. One minute your doing good and the next your are just scratching your eyeballs out just to get relief from the itching you feel. It seems like my allergy gets worse and worse every year. But according to a doctor, this year's pollen is more brutal than the previous spring due to the mild winter that we had. Yup it was mild and that's the way aha, aha, I like it!!

With the rain we have been having it has helped a lot with the pollen in the air. My allergy is not as bad as it used to. I can finally breath easier, my nose got to rest a bit and I don't have to breathe through my mouth at night waking up with a very dry throat and mouth. And lets not forget about the sneezing. Every time I sneeze and hear someone say "bless you" I tell them to hold it because there will be more coming, lol. Seriously now, I accept my allergies gladly (doesn't mean I won't complain) as long as I know Summer is just around the corner....



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