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Tuesday, August 6, 2013

One gloomy day

What happened to the sun? The whole day has just been gloomy, cold and wet. I never expected this kind of weather during the summer. The kids and I were suppose to go on a walk to the dollar store with a side trip to my Walgreens, I'm not about to forget about that. The day started out sunny but it got gloomy quickly and it stayed like that the rst of the day. I don't know when the kids will be back in the pool. I'm positive the water temp has gone down drastically. 

At least the kids have their tablet, IPhone or the Wii to occupy them. As much as I hate them playing with it the whole day, it is a great babysitter. Keeps the kids occupy. I do give time limits on how long they can play with electronics. But, when I am to busy doing things around the house I just let them be. It's easier for everyone.    I just want the sun and the warm weather to come back. I want it back in full force before Autumn heads her way into our part of the world.



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