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Sunday, August 31, 2008


For the past weeks my extended absence greeting on my voicemail is like this :

hello?................................. gotcha! leave a msg!
I thought it would be funny. My first victim was my husband,lol. He came home one day and said:
"could you please change your greeting, everytime i call and i hear you say hello i really thought you were answering your fone and i start talking only to hear you say gotcha,leave a msg. It gets me all the time honey!"
So everytime i answer my phone they pause and wait until i say something,lol. One of my friend said my greeting is very tricky.
what's your greeting on your phone?


anne said...

hello gurl gotcha! hehehe I don't have voicemail in my phone though but this one is tricky... nice greeting hehehe by the way gurl my award pala ako sayo

Carlota said...

it's a good one. i will try this.

lifemarriagekids said...

hi,yup it is very very tricky..try it,hehehe...whats your award for me?

lifemarriagekids said...

hi husband hates it,heheh..tahnks for dropping by

simplyjacy said...

that's really smart lods!
i didn't customize my phone message at least not yet.
i have to think smart like you... hehehe!


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