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Sunday, August 31, 2008


March 24,2008 was our 1st date out since the baby was born. I was so giddy with excitement and guilt at the same time.Guilt for leaving my baby with my mom in law. I have been wanting to go to the movies ever since i got here in the US. I just wanted to see the movie houses and compare it sa pinas. I got dressed up in this short short miniskirt jeans that i just bought,black long sleeved shirt and my boots. Too bad i was not able to take a picture coz we were in a hurry. After making sure that mum has everything for the baby i gave my baby a kiss and told her to be good for Grandma.
We chose to see a horror movie "SHUTTER" . There were only 6 older people in the movies house including Ralph and myself.Most were teenagers. As we were waiting for the movie to start ralph and I had a talk about what our girls would do if they were already old enough to date and go out. Ralph said "honey,we really are getting older coz were here in the movie house but were talking about the kids". And by the way going to the movies is expensive.I couldnt help but think about how much we spent.Ralph kept saying "honey relax this is our date". but to cut the story short i had fun holding my husbands hand and sqeezing his fingers when it was too scary for me.i had to cover my eyes but i was still peeking between my fingers,hehehehe...

After the movies i went to the bathroom. As i was going to pee i felt something. It was the tag on my skirt,hehehehe..i had forgotten to take of the tag!!!!!! It was so so so soon as i got out i told ralph i had to tell him something..we ran out to the car and as soon as i got in i burst in laughter i was almost face was all red and tears were streaming down my face when i told him i forgot to take off the tag on my skirt,hehehehehe...
My first date out with my husband turned out great!!!!!


Anonymous said...

hi gurl... of course you can always add me.. already added u though... hehehe we just had our date in the cinema here in davao when he was here.. with the kids.. we watched wall e lol.. but I have to leave with sister for she cant yet watch movie.. it turned out great too. lol

LODS said...

hey there gurl!i linked to you sure you had a wonderful time together..give baby faith kisses from me and kaitlyn and welcome to the christian world faith!

Anonymous said...

that was really fun Lods! did you go there at night? i'm sure it wasn't obvious. coz if it was, someone would call your attention for it.

that's really hilarious!


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