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Monday, October 13, 2008


Last month we found out that one of Ralph's niece is sick. She has this disease called mono.This was my first time ever hearing about that disease.I looked it up on the net and this is what i found out about it:

Mono or Mononucleosis
is a an infectious disease caused by Epstein-Barr virus . Mono or "the kissing disease" can easily be spread through saliva,by sharing drinks food and utensils. Common among teens from 15-35 yrs of age

Signs of Mono
These are just the common sign : fever, headaches, sore throat, white patches on the back of your throat, fatigue, depression and not wanting to eat.

Drinking plenty of liquids and juice rich in vitamin c.
plenty of rest
lozenges for sore throat or gargling with warm salt water

As far as i have read Mono or the Kissing disease is not a life threatening one as long as the person infected by the disease takes plenty of rest and drinks lots of liquid. I must admit i haven't really gone onto an in dept research about Mono but i was just curious about the disease as it was my first time to hear about it. Ill do more readings and research about this and ill update on what i have learned.


Anonymous said...

i must admit momi lods that this is also the first time i've heard about it. siguro in our homeplace, everything that has high temperature is considered "hilanat" whether the cause is virus or not.

at least now we get oriented.

Anonymous said...

it is my first time to hear about such a disease... that is alarming considering it is communicable.

anne said...

I havent heard of this before girl thanks for sharing

Anonymous said...

Mono very often can mimic strep throat,and the flu. A throat culture should be done for a proper diagnosis. Though the treatment is similar, Mono can last up to a month, if it is serious. It is very easily spread, and all personal contact should be limited, until the person has been on Antibiotics for 48 hrs. Mono is not very common, and is easily treated once diagnosed.

Anonymous said...

I had mono in college. Make sure she recovers completely because if she doesn't it can relapse and will be worse the second time. It is really not dangerous, just a pain in the neck (literally). I hope she feels better soon!

Anonymous said...

Way back when I was in school it was sort of common but I haven't heard about it for years. Hope your niece is doing better

Anonymous said...

I had mono when I was a teenager. Basically I just felt completely exhausted and slept a lot. It can take weeks before you start to feel better. It's not a dangerous illness, just something that makes you feel terrible while you have it. Make sure she gets plenty of rest and fluids.

Anonymous said...

The problem with mono,Epstein bar it makes you predisposed to other diseases and some people have chronic Epstein Barr. Its still under studies but they think it make make you disposed to certain diseases such a lupus.
I've had lupus for over 6 years.

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LuAnn @ BackPorchervations said...

We used to kid other students about it in high school. :)

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