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Tuesday, October 21, 2008


It's there FIRST BIRTHDAY TOGETHER AS FATHER AND DAUGHTER.It was a year ago that i gave birth and officially became a mama. The hours,days,weeks,months pass so fast like winged birds. Now a year will come to pass, a milestone for each one,specially my first born. This year we will be able to celebrate Daddy's birthday properly as last year we couldn't do it since you,Kaitlyn Hope was born on his birthday. How happy we were to find out that my due date was on Oct 22 and you were right on time. I was scheduled for an Induction on that day Oct22,2007 Monday but you were already raring to come out,i was already in labor the whole day of Sunday but it started to get intense early morning of Monday the day you were born. I was woken up from sleep with such an intense pain that it took my breath away,i knew in my heart you were coming. Got to the hospital at 4 am, we were suppose to be there by 6 am for the induction well, we had an early start,lol.. Still even when i was in labor they gave me the pitocin as scheduled. The pain of labor was intolerable,i felt like i was being ripped apart and wondered if i could survive. I wanted to cry when i called your grandma (my mom) to let her know we were at the hospital already. I wanted her hugs and kisses, her comfort and her soothing words. I had to control myself from crying,i had to be strong and brave. The epidural was a blessing,it stopped the pain but not entirely,i still felt pressure and something like someone was squeezing my stomach.It was bearable though,you were born at exactly 3:12 pm. I cried for now reason other than joy,relief and love. You were a little person inside of me.

The very first thing i said to you was " LANGGA ANAK" (BELOVED CHILD)Daddy cut the cord that tied you and me together for 9 months. Daddy cried with happiness. You are the best birthday present he ever got!!!

Daddy, we love you so much. You have given me the most precious of all, a daughter. As you turn 39 you have become more gorgeous and hunky in my eyes. Dont change because I LOVE YOU JUST THE WAY YOU ARE!!

My first born. You are the love of my life, you bring joy to everyone around you. Time has changed you from an infant and now your my little person. You walk like you own the very space you walk on. You light up my day everytime you hug me and kiss me. I cant fully express how much i love you, i just know in my heart you are there and will always be. Dont grow up to fast. You are my BELOVED CHILD *LANGGA*


Anonymous said...

this is such a special day since two of your loved ones are celebrating their birthday together.

send my birthday greetings to Ralph and give my love to my little one.

anne said...

happy bday to your husband and little girl. I looked at your pics in multiply when u delivered her. and a smile in your face really showed how happy and content you are after you saw your little bundle of joy. You take care and send my regards to your kids.

KC said...

HAPPY 1st BIRTHDAY, BABY KAITLYN and to your husband, Ralph as well :)This is such a big day to celebrate!! Give my kisses to the birthday girl ;) We wish them both well and more blessed years to come..God bless!!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday to both! What an extra special day!

Anonymous said...

Gush!!it's so amazing you give birth to Kaitlyn intime of your hubby's bday. Gi unsa man na ninyo pag karkulo bilib ko pag ka plano. But anyways Happy Birthday to the love of your life .. father and daughter.It's a one big celebration!

eden said...

woww.. what a special day ! Happy Birthday to BB Kaitlyn and Ralph. Wish them all the best for the coming years.


Unknown said...

happy birthday kaitlyn and ralph. im sure this is one of the special moments of your family life lods. having an angel like kaitlyn is such a blessing.

Ken said...

Right on! This letter to your daughter would be sooo wonderful for her to read when she's older ... hope you keep it and show it to her later when she's an adult and will become a mother herself.

Unknown said...

Happy Birthday baby and daddy. How nice for you both to celebrate together! Kaitlyn is a special gift for mommy and daddy!

Anonymous said...

happy birthday ralph! thank you for taking good care of my best friend. you made her life complete for you made her very happy. i hope you won't change.

happy birthday little girl! you are your mama's joy. i wish you will grow to be a good girl your mama wants you to be.

Anonymous said...

What a GREAT coincidence having to celebrate your child's birthday and your hubby as well in one day!

Belated Happy birthday to them both!


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