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Wednesday, October 22, 2008


Are you one of those people who are always well informed about new techie products coming out? I have always dubbed myself the techno knucklehead but not anymore, this new site knows everything from even the newest Logitech universal remote, and this is just in time since Christmas is just around the corner. The uniqueness of the site itself is that it not only displays the newest technologies or gadgets but it showcases its usefulness. Using Firefox as your main browser? Well they have top extensions for Firefox. Anyone who uses the computer on a daily basis be it for business or work you would want to find out about the lastest in online backup service. Who can beat that? Another thing that is great about the site, is it doesn’t necessarily update daily for it only updates with relevant news and information regarding new technology and gadgets, so you wont have a hard time looking for the newest releases. To GADGET ADVISOR even a knucklehead like me can find my way around here, now ill be up to date with all the latest and trendiest of gadgets and technology with just one click.


Anonymous said...

Sweet, I'll pass it on to my mom. She's lacking in the techie area and always calls asking. This will help her a lot! THanks!

Erin Tales said...

LMBO! I am a knucklehead. I learn through trial, error and my husband.

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