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Sunday, October 26, 2008


My first born is one year old and i feel like i have been cheated. Time has robbed me of my memories of her when she was just an infant. My brain has been foggy, it just cleared when Kaitlyn was 6 months old. Where did the time go?Did it just flew by me? Or i was to wrapped up with the thought of trying to be a good mother to both kids. All i know is that she is growing up very very fast

Kaitlyn was in her element yesterday and was having such a blast with her uncle Angelo. It didn't happen right away though, when they first arrived she was like an octopus. Arms and legs wrapped around my neck and my body so tight like she wanted to crawl inside of me and hide,lol. It took her about a good 2-30 minutes before she actually warmed up to her uncle Angelo. After that forget it she was all over him. Wasn't able to take a good picture of her with her birthday dress that we got at Walmart for $16 and the little patent black shoes for $9. She looked so cute and so girlie,lol. Here are just a few of the pictures taken yesterday.

We didn't get to take a picture of her blowing out her cake wearing her birthday dress, i changed her too early as i know she would want to eat a piece of her cake as soon as they were down blowing out the candles. Oh well! The important thing is she had fun and got what she wanted, a piece of cake!

yummy! at last i got to eat another birthday cake again!!!


Umma said...

Wow.. time flies really fast huh? I couldnt wait my almost 10 month old baby boy to turn one too on January.

Your baby girl is so cute and adorable..

Unknown said...

Great photos! I completely understand. My son turned one in May and the time did buzz by!

Unknown said...

She's cute and it looks like she's having a good time.

Anonymous said...

she really looks so girly with her dress and a clip on her hair. mura pud ug dili bugoy dah. hehehe!

she really knows that it was indeed her day. look at all the smiles in all those pics!

Regina Bertrand said...

LOL how cute! She looks so happy!

Anonymous said...

happy birthday Kaitlyn! can i have a bite of your yummy cake? pweeaseeee? =)

Unknown said...

Happy Birthday Baby Kaitlyn! youre so adorable and pretty liwat ni mommy, hehe

eden said...

Happy Birthday BB Kaitlyn..woww.. looks like you really enjoyed your birthday. your cake looks so yummy


Anonymous said...

She's adorable and you're right...time does fly!

Anonymous said...

Yes, time sure does fly, especially as you look back at it. My little guy will be 1 next week. Those first few months were not very good - he wouldn't sleep anywhere except in my arms. Once he could roll over, he slept better. Those months seem so long ago now.


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