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Monday, April 6, 2009


I was merrily dropping my ec while chatting, blogging and surfing at the same time. I was dropping pretty good as well but unfortunately I was only able to drop 158. Entrecard is having trouble again. To all those who drop on my site my apologies for not returning your drop today. U have tried dropping again but it just wont let me. Thanks you and please do visit me again.


Tetcha said...

You're lucky you were able to drop ECs. I wasn't able to log into my Entrecard account last night and even today, so I wasn't really able to drop anything. What's going on?

shydub said...

Mao nag cge nlng ko butang post dri ky nagsakit akong ulo ani entrecard karn oi.

Ataka sd nimu mommy, ipadakop nmn hinuon ta, hehehehe apil rachael kataw an ko taka lng daw ko putol putol, awa mura na lampaso buhok sa buckaroo.
Have tag for you here grab it simple ra rules.


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