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Monday, April 6, 2009


This coming June analog T.V will finally be laid to rest with the newest method of broadcasting, transitioning to digital television. Since were in a new age so to speak and in recession how about a chance to win a 22" flat screen HDTV everyday for the whole month of April? Or how about winning the grand prize of 52" LCD flat screen HDTV with a home theater system? That's not the whole kit and kaboodle yet, with the grand prize you also get a full year free of Charter Digital Cable Service and take not its HD (high definition) programming. Nowadays, its better getting cable programming where you have a varied choices of shows,channels and you also get to watch the latest movies right at your own home. If your like Ralph and I that would rather watch movies at home ordering it through your cable service Charter the way to go. Where else can you find a 3 in one bundle, cable, high speed internet and phone service. Plus you can build your own bundle meaning pick and pay which service you want. And with the transition from analog to digital, Charter will have you covered. Enjoy watching the clearest shows, different programming, fast internet connection and of course crystal clear sound quality for your phone. What more can you ask for.





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