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Thursday, April 2, 2009


Everything is starting to bloom, weather is getting nicer and warmer with each day. I'm just so excited about this spring and coming summer. We are going to have so much fun out and about under the sun. I miss the feel of the suns warming ray on my face and body. It makes me appreciate every season that we have more and more. Although I would rather skip the winter and fall if given a choice but those two magical season is what makes it worthwhile. And since spring is really jumping up and down every nook and cranny Sears is offering a big 70%-80% discount on most of their winter and fall apparels. You read it right 70%-80%, that's big big savings right there. Who doesn't love anything that is on clearance sale huh? In this economy we need all the saving we can get. I headed over to Sears and found one dress that really caught my eye.

A cute black and white infused dress with pleats in the middle. This particular design will flatter my figure and give it more shape. What most attracted me to this dress is not only the design but the huge money it saves me, from the original price of $88 marked down to $17.99 its screaming my name and saying "take me home and wear me". I have got to find the nearest Sears in my area and take advantage of this huge discount before sale ends this April 18th. Looking into buying a cute dress for yourself or an outfit for your entire brood? Sears is the place to go.
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