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Friday, April 3, 2009


The other week Ralph bought himself a new toy, his smoker. He was so excited about it and was talking about what he was going to cook non-stop. I helped him assemble everything, It makes me happy that he has his own thing. He has always been a giver its time he gets what he wants. He is still experimenting and learning how to operate and cook with his smoker. It took more than half a day to cook a whole chicken, beef ribs, salmon,tuna,and pork ribs. It was a lot and I must admit it wasn't that good! I know he felt so bad that we didn't like what he made but we made the most out of it. The tuna and chicken turned out good though despite how it looked,lol.

here is a photo :

It may look disgusting and terribly burned on the outside but it was so juicy and tender on the inside. He already ordered his recipe books for the smokers online and I bet next time its going to be yummy..


mommy Orkid Belle said...

ahehehe... mura jud sya ug chicken nga nasunod ug apil sa barn mommy Lods! ahehehe...:) just kidding!


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