The Designers Chic

Friday, April 3, 2009


Its a very wet, gloomy day outside today. The rain is probably washing away all those winter remnants left on the ground and showering the seedling, sprouts and plants with love to help them grow. There are so many reason why I love spring. One, no more heavy winter outfits that takes ages and ages for my kids to get ready. Two, no more getting stuck inside the house for many weeks and with only kids as my company. That is enough to drive you up the wall right there. But what I really love about spring is the way everything is around. And of course we can start wearing shirts and shorts again. I cant wait to start wearing just a shirt around the house and outside the house specially when its time to pick up Kayla at the bus stop. Even Kayla has been asking when she will be able to wear short sleeved shirts to school and even dresses. Ralph has started wearing shirts now and he always wears his shirt that says "best daddy hands down" with a print of two hands, one of him and Kayla. That shirt is getting so old and tattered on the edges that I'm so tempted to throw it in the garbage. Before I can do that I'd better make sure I make him a replacement t-shirts that is one of a kind. And of course its going to be a picture of me and another picture of both of the girls. Did you know that with VistaPrint you can customize, personalize your shirts by uploading photos that are special to you. Easter is around the corner and giving a loved one a specialized shirt would be a great gift idea. As for me, I'm thinking about getting Ralph two shirts that has a picture of both girls and the other one of the whole family and maybe then I can put that tattered shirt that he always wears to peace. And the prices for a customized shirt is not bad at all with easy designs to choose from and with sizes ranging from S-XXL. Personalized is always better.



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