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Thursday, June 18, 2009


I recently posted about the Sam and her puppies. She is a pure breed Labrador Retriever and owned by my BIL. The day she was having the puppies we went over to my BIL house to welcome the newest addition to the family. Of course our oldest asked if she could have one and told her that daddy and I will have to discuss about it. Well, it is official we will not be getting a puppy anytime soon. Why? We already have two cats Oreo and Smokey and one dog Nickie. Smokey and Nickie are my MIL pets. The one thing I dislike about having pets is that they shed. We have a black area rug in our family room and when the dog comes out she shakes and the rug gets covered in hair. It drives me nuts specially since Kaitlyn loves laying down on the area rug and the dog hair makes it look so dirty, filthy and I hate the smell of dog hair. If only Nickie would not smell and shed she would be the perfect dog. There is a solution, Dinovite is the newest nutritional supplement product that is made solely of our cats and dogs.It helps fill in the nutritional gap left by giving them regular dog or cat foods. I just found out that if you give your pets the right nutritional supplements and foods the itching, scratching and smell will no longer be a problem. For more information check out the solutions center . If that is the case we may reconsider getting another puppy since Nickie is getting old and both our girls love dogs.


Candycane said...

I think it's funny, you said that dinovite was made "of" cats and dogs, instead of "for" cats and dogs LOL! But, I knew what you meant!

I had a schnauzer growing up so we had no dog hair in our house. when I got married, we got a Doberman...YIKES...Hair EVERYWHERE! So, I had to do something about it. Kids don't look so great covered in dog hair, stuck all over their blanket sleepers!

I found Dinovite and it saved our pooch from ending up homeless or at least in someone else's home. I think it took about 3 months to finally see the end of the shedding but the stinky smell went away in a couple of weeks. And, Dandy's coat is so shiney it looks like he's wet! I think he looks like a beautiful race horse!

It's funny because I have a black dog on light berber carpeting, so exactly the opposite of yours...but still the same problem. I'dhighly recommend that you get a dog; it's so good for kids to have pets. But, I'd make sure you had a stash of dinovite in teh cupboard when you bring him home!


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