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Wednesday, June 17, 2009


Here is our strawberry picking escapade June 16,2009 at Walnut Farms in Maryland. It was a breezy and cloudy day to go strawberry picking. At least the sun wasn't beating down on us but It gave me the chills, so on went my sweater. The princess bruiser though had more fun trekking back and forth between me and her daddy. She trampled on a lot of strawberries but it was already getting rotten anyways. The strawberries were not that abundant and big since it is almost the end of the season. I wanted to go raspberry picking after but the owner said the raspberry were done picking for the day and the next picking would be on Thursday. At least I got to experience strawberry picking which was all I wanted. And by the way I want to thank my husband for taking us. Next year I will schedule an earlier trip to another strawberry farm and this time we will be complete as a family. I will make sure that we have big sister so we can all go together. For this coming Fall/Autumn, I was thinking of taking the kids to an apple orchard and maybe just maybe have a little picnic at the same time. Anyway, we still got quite a few strawberries and my oh my am I stuffed!!!


Momgen said...

Exciting guro magharvest sa straberry Lodz no? If naa ka diri sa amoa paharvest gyd ta ka sa amoa Blueberry pod enjoy pod kaayo kay while picking eat pod heheheh. Ako friend anhi bitaw sa amoa last two years ago naenjoy kaayo nabule gyd iya mouth kay perti kaon sa berries heheh.

shydub said...

Kanindot ninyo lods, suya ko, Kalami sa strawberyy bisag mga gagmay nlng nahabilin, Thats a nice experience for the whole family.

DebbieDana said...

Ang saya nyo naman! I love the photos, thank you for sharing..I usually see the strawberries already packed, and it's my first time to see them on the ground, ( kahit sa pic lang ) that's why I was so curious at first when you talked about it in your previous post.

Debbie :)

Bob said...

mmmm, I love stawberrirs

mommy Orkid Belle said...

Yaye! Nakapick jud sila ug strawberries.. agoy kalami ana mommy Lods. Ang akoa wala pa jud kaayo daghan bunga. Putot kaayo liwat sa nagtanum. hahaha..

Joe-ann said...

wow, this is lovely.wish we could something like this.great photos as well.:)


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