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Wednesday, June 17, 2009


We had such a rocking, dancing good time before we settled for the night. My youngest Kaitlyn loves music and she was just dancing and performing for us. We let her dance to her little feet and hearts content until she gets tuckered out! I miss my step daughter though, she would have been right beside her baby sister singing and dancing along. I would love to have one of my kids be on television or print. Both my kids love watching kids shows on television. Kayla once said she wants to see herself on television. I may just have the answer for her request since Raggs Rockin' Kids Search is open to kids between the ages of 3-7. They are looking for kids that have big personalities and someone who loves to share stories. That is just perfect since Kayla will turn 6 this August and I think she would do great since she loves to talk and tell stories about everything and anything. In today's society parents are somewhat wary about this kind of kids search. One thing I'm sure though is this search is legit and the people at Twitter Party made sure about that.They have posted on there site the rules and regulations and how you can enter a video of your child. And of course lets talk about the prizes up for grabs:


  • GRAND PRIZE $100 gift card - 1
  • Raggs Rocks DVD Activity books - 10
  • Raggs Pastograps - 10
  • Plush toys - 5
  • Raggs back pack - 5
Isn't that sweet? If your child gets picked we not only get win those great prizes but they get to be on television as well and get seen by their family and friends. We better hurry though the contest has already started and will end on June 30. Let's go make that video and make our kids a star.




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