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Sunday, June 14, 2009


One of the greatest joy in my life is my 20 month old daughter Kaitlyn. She was an unexpected, pleasant but very much wanted surprise. It was a total shock for me since I got pregnant right off the bat. Sure, the first trimester was a total nightmare with all the morning sickness, the car sickness, nausea and everything in between. Now, I long to feel that experience and miracle all over again. Pregnancy brings about a certain twinkle and glow in a woman. Sure it can be dampen when you suddenly ballooned into this woman that looked like someone who swallowed a watermelon. Pregnant women often forget that we can still look gorgeous and sexy. All it takes is the right outfit and accessories to bring out the woman that is us. For those having problems finding the right clothes that fit Elegant Elle is coming to your rescue and hopefully mine soon. Having a wide range of choices of maternity clothes from tops, bottoms, dresses, accessories and more. And to make this such a sweet deal they are having a sale of 50% off on all maternity clothes and also includes a 50% off on all Layette. Order that outfit that fits the new you and enjoy a flat fee shipping of $5 but hurry sale ends June 30,2009.


Anonymous said...

Great maternity clothes are SO hard to find, how exciting for you!


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