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Thursday, June 11, 2009


June 6th, Saturday, I got a call from my BIL Angelo letting me know that Sam is having her puppies. She only had 4 when he called me and of course I was excited to see the new puppies. I hurriedly called Ralph and asked if it was alright with him if MIL, Kaitlyn, Kayla and I take a drive over to Angelo's to see the new puppies and stay overnight. Ralph said it was fine with him since he is working and won't be able to spend time with us anyway. So off I hurried like a bee, packing stuff here and there. As soon as we were ready we head on out. By the time we got there Sam already had 8 puppies. They are pure breed Labrador Retriever.
We oohhhed and ahhhhed over the new puppies and Sam was gracious enough to let us touch and hold her babies. Kayla asked if she could have a puppy and we all laughed, I just told her that daddy and I had to talk about it. If we were to get a dog I would pick the black one. When they transferred Sam to the basement she had her last puppy and that made a total of 9 puppies.
  • 4 black female
  • 1 black male
  • 3 tan/brown male
  • 1 tan/brown female


Unknown said...

Tan awa ra gud na si kayla, grabe ang facination sa mga pupies iya ra pasagdan tua iya bugan hehehehehe. Sus si kaitlyn wala sd palupig lods hikap sd siya, may gani wala na mangigi ang inahan ang mga itoy, dili mamaak.Ka cute sa mga pupies mura mga ilaga imburnal hehehe

Unknown said...

We have a 9 year old Lab... looking at these pics makes me want a puppy again! -- Wait, no, I remember now. All my chewed up towels, pillows, socks, shoes, even the vinyl floor. Nope, I'll stick with my old dog! (But they sure are cute!!)

katherine said...

ang ko-cute..taga=i ko isa be...DHL lang hehhehehe

santhy said...

The puppies are so cute...


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