The Designers Chic

Thursday, September 17, 2009


What a bummer that Summer is over. Yesterday the pool was officially closed for the season. It would have been closed Monday but Ralph had so many things to do. The pool was ready by Wednesday with all the chemicals in and ready for the winter. All we needed to do yesterday was cover the pool. Sounds easy but its a far more annoying thing to do. At least we finally got the pool closed and hopefully when the next pool opening it wont be bad. After doing all that was supposed to be done we headed off to our favorite Chinese buffet restaurant. How I love eating out buffet style, you get to have your fill with anything and its cheaper. We came home with a full belly but not without any regrets about eating way way to much. Oh well, life will move on and I will eventually loose a couple of pounds. When or how that I do not know....



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