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Thursday, September 17, 2009


I guess almost every one has heard and seen how Taylor Swift was rudely interrupted by Kanye West at the VMA Awards night. I felt bad for her and Beyonce was gracious in her ways when she shared her moment with her. Watching the red carpet at the awards night was something else to behold. From elegant dresses and gowns to out of this world getup or outfit as you may call it. Of course there was a lot of sparkle coming not just from the women but also the men. Some of the artist have what you would call bling bling jewelry. If your into big and sparkly or just want to be noticed that this is the kind of jewelry just for you. I'm not really a tickler for jewelries but I won't mind getting some bling on.


Lisa said...

Taylor has a good attitude about the whole situation and handled it very well.


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