The Designers Chic

Thursday, April 8, 2010


Its been more than a week now since my husband had his surgery to remove a cyst on his back. The surgery wasn't as bad as we thought but he still can't sit for too long or do heavy work. Before he had the operation to remove his surgery I have been on his back about doing a follow up on the insurance quote he has been asking online and on the phone. Many insurance agents have been calling our house. We have yet to decide the best insurance to get for me. I admit I want to get an insurance that not only is affordable but also has a lock in rate. My kids are already set on their respective life insurance, both Ralph and I already have life insurance but its still better to have another one just in case. I never thought about insurance until I moved here, got married and had children. Maybe by next week we will make our decision on which insurance company we are going with. I just want to get this over and done with.



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