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Thursday, April 8, 2010


It has been over a week now since Ralph had the surgery to remove the cyst on his back. He still has an open wound and is having a second surgery to close the wound, this time it will be done by a plastic surgeon. Even though he has limited activities he still can't move around to much or sit for a long period of time. Still, he has been in a chipper mood ever since he found out that his credit score has gone up. With that said we won't be needing any credit repair services to help with his credit score and history. I am hoping that it will continue to improve and I am crossing my fingers and hope that in 4 years time both of us will have a great credit history. I have already started building my credit history with a recent purchase of our new couch. I got approve for an in house loan in the furniture store we got our couch. With my credit card ready to be paid off in full by the end of this month I should be in the clear in maintaining my good credit standing and is hoping for another increase in my credit limit.


shydub said...

Hope ralph is doing fine. dugaya human sa cyst saga gd lods.


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