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Tuesday, April 13, 2010


Today Ralph had his second surgery. This time it is to close the wound that was left open from the removal of the cyst near his tailbone. It has been left open for more than a week to allow the wound to drain. Everyday last week a visiting nurse came to our house to clean his wound and pack it. The first time his wound was cleaned after surgery was pain inducing for me. Ralph felt nothing as all the nerve ending where they cut him were all dead. I was horrified when the nurse pulled out the packing bandage strip from his wound. I could tell that it was really deep, the hair on the back of my nape and on my arms stood up on ends. I was not disgusted but I felt pain for him every time I see his wound. I took pictures and even a video of the male nurse as he was packing his wound. Ralph saw how the wound was packed my shoving the bandage strip into his wound with a sterilized q tip. I have new found respect for people who work in the medical profession. Since I didn't think I could do the packing myself the nurse had to come everyday until last Thursday. Ralph had another appointment with both of his doctors, Dr. Clayton the specialist and Dr. Cheng the plastic surgeon. It was suggested my his plastic surgeon that his wound be cleaned and packed twice a day instead of once. The specialist agreed with the suggestion of the plastic surgeon. Since Ralph's insurance will never cover for two visits from a visiting nurse in one day I had to step up and do it on my own. Dr. Clayton showed me exactly how its to be done and how to pack it. The first time I changed his wound I was a nervous wreck. I did not want to hurt my husband, to cut the long story short I did a pretty good job and even the visiting nurse who came by that day for the last time said that I was doing great.

With his wound closed I hope that changing his bandage will be easier. I just feel bad for my husband with him all alone in the hospital. When I called him he told me his in pain not only from his surgery but his belly hurts as well and he has been throwing up. Hopefully tomorrow if the doctor gives him the all clear he will be out. Thank you Lord for watching over my husband.



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