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Monday, April 26, 2010


Spending time with family is always fun and never dull. The man in the picture is my dear BIL Angelo, he had a belated birthday celebration last Saturday. All his kids were there and he was back to his old lovable self with his grandson making him smile. The candle is the cake is a big "?" because his daughter forgot how old he was, lol. I was happy to see that Angelo was back to his old smiling and jolly self. He has been depressed lately and misses his kids a lot. So It was really refreshing seeing him smile and joke around and not be in a grumpy mood at all. I feel bad though that Ralph was not able to join us in the celebration. He could not take 50 minute ride going to his brothers house, he still can't sit for a long period of time. On the other hand Ralph has been healing quiet well and he says he feels good. After he is done with all his medication and his off his antibiotics I am planning on getting him some hgh supplements to help increase his metabolism and just give him energy when he goes back to work. As for now, I am just making him take things slow and not let him do any heavy lifting or strenuous work and let him rest a lot. I bet in less than a month from now he will be almost 100% back to his normal self.


shydub said...

Why is you BIL not himself lately? Happy belated happy birthday to your BIL. ang kaitlyn happy helper blowing the candle.


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