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Monday, April 26, 2010


One of the many things I do when I am online is to check out the Entertainment news. I love a little bit of gossip from Hollywood every now and then. I also love reading and checking out photos of what stars do when they are not filming. One interesting article I read was about photo shoot covers on magazines and air brushing. Honestly I find it reassuring to know that women who are on the covers of the magazines that look perfect and sexy and what not are not really that perfect looking. One photo that was released with the before and after airbrushing was done was Britney Spears photo. Air brushing really works wonders and can make you look slimmer,curvier and smoother. Now, every time I look at those women in the magazines I will always think that these women are not perfect as they appear on the covers.

Aside from reading articles I also enjoy surfing online about anything and everything. Lately I have been searching more on women's interest that range from make-up, plastic surgery, beauty products, clothes, shoes and etc. Its an interesting fact that the beauty industry is always striving in spite of economic struggle. Lots of women still buy branded make-ups, and facial products like eye cream, youth creams and acne products. Nowadays its much easier to choose products by reading reviews online like the pronexin review that gives an in depth idea of what the product is all about and how beneficial it is. I admit I was never the kind to read reviews before buying products but I have learned from my husband that reading and finding out what others have to say about a certain product is very useful in helping make the right decision. With that said I have better get back on surfing and looking at some videos on how to put on make up,, lol. See yah around foks!



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