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Monday, June 28, 2010


Little Andre with my MIL his great grandma. They came down last week so spend the weekend with us since we will be leaving for our vacation very soon. We won't be seeing them for quite some time. He will be turning a year old this coming August 13 if I am not mistaken. Andrew is such a sweet little boy and just play and smiles a lot. It amazes me that they just put him in the crib and he will sleep on his own. Kaitlyn never did that, my fault. He is already pulling himself up and standing on his own but is still hesitant on taking that first step. Kaitlyn was exactly 10 months old when she took her first step and by 10 1/2 she was already walking and wobbling along. Kids do develop at their own pace and when they are ready they will do for it. He loves the pool though but that day was just to breezy for him. All the same we want to thank Andrew's family for coming down to spend the weekend with us.


Unknown said...

Italian gyud d i ug mga beautykaliwat ni ralph lods no. look at the baby, ka gwapo gdana bataa. nalupig ni kaitlyn ang power ana ky mura mn kahilakon hehehe


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