The Designers Chic

Thursday, August 26, 2010


I think I have mentioned that we have 6 working televisions in our house. Only three of the television is HD TV and two are upstairs and the third one is in the family room. The playroom however is not in high definition yet and we are planning on buying a new one next tax season. The reason for getting one is that some movies will not play if they are in high definition. The kids end up watching the flat screen T.V in the family room which I do not like for the simple reason that we can't just watch movies or shows we want due to the kids. Ralph like to read tv reviews before buying so he knows what his getting. But who knows, if the other tv's are still in good working condition there is no reason for us to buy new ones just for the sake of it. But it also good to keep an eye out for what kind or brand of television we might get if we ever need to buy one.



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