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Tuesday, August 31, 2010


Hanging out with my kids outside while waiting for Andrew Juniors 1st birthday party. This was taken last Aug 14, somewhere in New Jersey. It was the second weekend of the month so we got Kayla, to bad Ralph had to go to work. We took one car going there with my BIL Angelo driving. We arrived there about 12 noon and boy were we starving. Party wasn't going to start anytime soon and my kids had to eat. I couldn't just give them potato chips for lunch, so even though the party didn't start I went and got potato salad for the kids to munch on. While waiting for the other guest to arrive we sat down on the swing and had fun taking pictures with my new phone. The kids were goofing around so much that the pictures really came out good. It was a nice day to have a party but most of all I had a great time hanging out with my two beautiful princesses. They looked so beautiful in their respective dresses.


Unknown said...

Malingaw ko magtan aw ni kaitlyn, sus melody sugdi na dayong ang project baby number 3 uy. ka sexy sa inahan uy


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