The Designers Chic

Sunday, October 3, 2010


I must admit that I am the person to talk to when it comes to dieting, exercise and loosing weight. I am lazy as a sloth or worse. Loosing weight is not an easy task at all, most people don't even have to worry about loosing weight for the reason that they are just naturally small, or skinny. If there is a website that explains how to lose weight for idiots, I would be the first one to sign up. I dont even know how to count calories and watch what I eat. Sure I do go on diets and sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn't but it still not enough. To make matters worse, the weather is getting cold and I always make excuses about eating a lot and telling people I'm hibernating. What am I, an animal?If only both my husband and I would do it together and encourage each other we may succeed. It's vital both my husband and I have to start thinking hard about eating healthy and staying healthy for our kids. A healthy body is also a productive body.



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