The Designers Chic

Sunday, October 3, 2010


The joy of seeing old friends again is a memory worth keeping. That is Kuya Roi and Ate Richie in the picture with me. I met up with them at Ayala in Cebu. Even though it was just a short meeting we still got a chance to talk about our kids and how our lives have been and how we miss each other. Both of them have been my friends for almost 10 years and we have always tried to keep in touch. I didn't get to see some of my friends in college but I was thinking of them and how much I wanted to stay longer. I got Ate Richie, her mom and her two cute boys a couple of stuff. Its apparent from the bag that I got her Victoria Secret. I know she would just as happy even if I didn't get them anything, just the thought that I made time to meet up with them would be enough for both of them. They have protected me and have kept me in their hearts. I am so thankful to have friends like them. Next time, we will hang out longer and talk about the past, present and future.



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