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Sunday, October 17, 2010


Winter season brings about the dryness of my skin. I am glad to say that I don't usually have any problems with acne in the cold weather. I'm guessing due to the cold, my pores are closed and thus minimizes the breakouts. However in the Summer, I do get the occasional skin breakouts. With the heat, the pores are more open and it gets clogged by dirt and sweat. That's probably why my cousin that lives in the Philippines get a lot of acne breakouts when its hot. He clearly needs to check on solutions for acne. It's not enough that he washes his face and cleanses it. He should know by now that he has to find the right solution for his skin problem. He has already asked me what my skin regiment is so he can at least try it. I advice him yet again, to see a Dermatologist and talk about proper ways to treat his acne problem. A professional that knows what needs to be done. To see a Dermatologist is on my to do list so I can consult about my hair and the uneven skin tone on my face. Its not an immediate need but have to see one before the end of the year.



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