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Friday, December 24, 2010

Going to the Hardware Store

Authored by Greg Fletcher

I made a special trip to the hardware store yesterday to do some Christmas shopping. Before I left, I made sure to set myHome security alarm. It took me about an hour to get over to the store I wanted and I had one thing on my list to get. My mother has been wanting a clay chiminea for awhile now. A chiminea is basically a little stove or bonfire that sits outside. She wants one so that she can relax on her patio and roast some marshmallows in the fire. It sounded like a great idea, and when I found out that the hardware store had them in stock I ran over there as fast as I could.

I made my way into the store and it was jam packed full of people who were doing their holiday shopping. I'm actually surprised they had the chiminea I wanted in stock. In fact, they only had one left. It came to about one hundred dollars and I made my way back to the store. The lines were ridiculous, but I thankfully got on a short one and was paid and out of there within only a few short minutes. I made my way to the car and loaded the chiminea into it. I came home and had to find a good hiding place for it. I'm sure my mom is going to love it come Christmas.



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