The Designers Chic

Sunday, December 19, 2010


The one thing my husband loves about Winter is he doesn't have to mow the backyard anymore. Before we got the riding mower, it took him almost 2 hours to do the backyard with the push mower. He would be soaked in sweat and burning under the heat of the sun. When we got the riding mower he was happy as can be. He mowed the backyard in a fraction of a time but there was a few drawback though. Ralph already ran over our water hose and a couple of extension wires. Its so funny when he rants when he gets upset. I have jokingly told him that maybe we need to get a metal hose for our backyard instead of the regular one. He would just look up at me and give me such a sarcastic smile,lol. Accidents happen but he still gets upset coz it is something that he could have avoided. Oh well, at least he didn't run over our two jewels, his little girls.



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