The Designers Chic

Monday, December 27, 2010


One of the many picture of my little girls opening their presents on Christmas morning. Kaitlyn had already opened one gift when she woke up. We had to leave a few minutes after Kaitlyn opened one gift to pick her big sister in Baltimore. She was so excited that we were finally picking up Kayla, she missed her terribly this past days that she was at her moms. We got home before two in the afternoon. As soon as we got in the girls headed for the tree clamouring to open the gifts. They had so much fun ripping the wrapping paper off. We got both girls a Mr. and Mrs. Potato head in honor of toy story 3. The toy comes with so many accessories, it will be a pain in the neck to keep it together but it is worth it. Kayla's big big gift was the DSi XL and as soon as she opened it she was in DS land. Kaitlyn on the other hand got busy playing with the Mrs. Potato head. Thank you to my husband for all of the toys the kids got and also for my gifts. This was indeed a good Christmas.



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