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Monday, December 27, 2010


Written by Don Gregory

At my house, we love watching Nick Jr. on Dish Network, which is satellite TV from Nick Jr. has so many shows that my 23 month old daughter loves to watch. Her favorite of course, is Dora the Explorer. She has learned so much just by watching Dora. She has known most of her colors and shapes since she was 20 months old, which is incredible. I credit Dora with her learning them so early. Most kids do not know many colors or shapes by the time they are two. My daughter asks to watch Dora several times a day and I am always happy to let her.

We also enjoy watching Diego on Nick Jr. Diego is just like Dora, except he is a boy and has a rescue pack instead of a backpack. He is fun and always on some kind of adventure.

Fresh Beat Band is also a fun show on Nick Jr. If your kids like music, they will love Fresh Beat Band. They make my daughter dance in ways that I have never seen her move. She gets excited when she hears them on TV.

Our final favorite is Kai Lan. She is somewhat like Dora, except Chinese. Her show teaches children about feelings. My daughter has learned about being happy, sad and angry from watching Kai Lan. She also knows the names of all of the characters.

It is amazing, how much kids learn just by watching Nick Jr. It is my daughter's favorite, but also the favorite of my husband and I because it has helped her to grow into such a smart toddler. You can definitely say it is like pre-school on TV.



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