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Saturday, February 26, 2011


At long last, Ralph and I finally managed to go on our date. It may have been late but it was worth all the mishap we endured,lol. So many things have happened this month that I almost forgot to post about the success of our 4th Wedding anniversary date. We got to Firebirds Wood Fired Grill just in time for dinner. The place was cozy and smelled great inside with all the food cooking on the wood fire.Behinds me were wines, stacked from wall to ceiling. Good thing Ralph and I don't drink or else we'd be running off with a few bottles. I could not decide what to eat at first. It's not like they had such a huge menu, It don't like ordering when I don't see a picture of the food. While I mulled over what I wanted Ralph decided to order an appetizer.It was a chicken something, I forgot the name. It was delicious though. It was just the right appetizer to wet our appetite for more. We were famished and wiped that one clean and I liked the salad mix on top. We also ordered a nacho's with dip, It was also so good.
After much thought Ralph finally decided on a prime rib aout 12-14 oz. and loaded masked potatoes. We wanted that since we normally don't eat that at home. We do make prime rib from time to time but only Ralph, my MIL and the kids eat it. Don't like how thick the meat is and it not being cooked well done.And what pray tell did you think I ordered? Well I got the rib eye steak and loaded mashed potatoes. Our food took a little longer since I wanted my meat cooked well done with absolutely no red or blood, lol. The food was great but Ralph and I were already full from enjoying the appetizer. Even though I still managed to eat almost all my food. It was like the way Ralph's makes the T-bone steak we usually have at least once a month. It was well seasoned and cooked to perfection and the meat was just so tender and melt in your mouth. I wasn't to keep on the baked potatoes but it still worked. As for Ralph he only took about 4 bites of his food and decided to ask for a container. We didnt' even think about ordering dessert. All in all it was a good meal. The best thing about out meal, we only paid $30 including tip, thanks to our generous friend Krista for giving us a $75 gift card. If I had to rate the restaurant out of 5*, I would give it a 4. The ambiance was good, food delicious, and wide selection of wine.



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