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Saturday, February 26, 2011


Giddy yap! That stuffed horse belongs to Kayla. Ralph got that for her December of 2008. He actually sneaked this in the house coz he knew I was not going to be to happy with is. You see,we already had so much stuff for the kids and he was afraid I was going to tell him to return it. Both kids love horses specially Kayla. I think its the Native American Indian blood in her. She has so many horse toys that I threw away some of them already. That stuffed horse however takes the cake, its bigger than that unicorn she brought back from her mom last year. My SIL used to own horses when she was young. They had about 6 horses and she help with everything. She can't wait until they get a bigger place so she can buy one and let the kids enjoy riding the horse. We also have plans of enrolling Kayla this summer for horse riding lessons. Ralph said she will learn how to feed the horse, groom it and of course ride the horse. She is going to learn a lot about taking care of a horse like what is a saddle, horse tack,the appropriate riding gear and so much more. I am not to sure about the riding part, it makes me nervous. Both girls have already ridden a horse when we went to Dutch Wonderland last year and they both loved it. My SIL keeps promising them that in the summer she is going to take them somewhere so they can ride a horse. I have never been on a horse and I don't know if I'll be brave enough to get on one. Hopefully things will turn out as we plan for this Summer activities.

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