The Designers Chic

Monday, February 28, 2011


I just want to greet my MIL a very Happy Happy Birthday. She was indeed surprised when we called her out of her room after dinner. Even more so when I told her that I baked the cake and decorated it myself. She thought it was from the store, lol. I guess I'm getting better at it. I still need to find the perfect butter cream frosting and the perfect chocolate cake recipe. She made a wish and blew out her cake. Before I end this post I want to write a little something for her.


I thank you everyday for being around for me and the kids. I thank you for opening your arms to be and welcoming me in your family. I thank you for loving my girls and for watching them when I ask you. You have taken care of me and treated me as your own. You are so loved and appreciated. I may not say it enough but we all love you and thankful for a mom and grandma like you. Good health and many more years is what we wish for you.. Happy happy birthday again mom,we love you..



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