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Monday, March 7, 2011


Wow! My Order from CSN Stores has been delivered already. My that was fast! Order online usually take between 5-7 business day unless you pay for one day shipping that will cost more. I ordered 4 things from the store Friday night. And by the next day I got an e-mail informing me that my order has been shipped, how cool is that! I got so excited when 2 of the 4 stuff I ordered online finally arrived on my doorstep today. I couldn't wait to open it. Curious about what I got? Here is some photos of my two purchase.

The big box contained my dry cereal dispenser. I got it in black since out kitchen counter is black. As you can see Princess Bruiser couldn't wait to try it out. Now I don't have to pour there cereals for them, they can do it themselves with just a turn of the handle. To keep the cereal fresh it also has a stopper lid that you can snap onto the opening of the dispenser. As for the smaller package its my 32 piece deluxe icing tip set. I actually ordered everything from is part of CSN Stores 200+ stores online. CSN Stores has great stuff and the best thing about their store? They offer free shipping on selected items and its very fast. You won't have to wait a week before getting your purchase. I would know, I got mine today and I am happy as can be.



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