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Sunday, March 6, 2011


Rain, rain go away come again another day!

What a wet wet Sunday were having. It hasn't stopped raining since around ten this morning. Rain and I don't really mix well together. I hate getting wet and my feet getting plashed with puddle water. Rain gives me additional work around the house. How come? When you have a dog you will know. The backyard gets all muddy and the dog is playing outside, running and getting mud all on his paws and his underbelly. If my area rug could talk it would probably beg me to take him off the floor so the dog won't track dirt all over him, lol.

Today's drive to Baltimore to pick up Kayla was a little scary. I hate going out in the rain. The roads are slippery, visibility is poor and its just plain scary. Luckily Ralph picked up Kayla because he knows that his mom will never be able to drive in the heavy rain and at night. We finally got home safe and sound. I just want the rain to end before our basement floods. So I sing again:

"Rain , Rain Go Away! Come Again Another Day!"



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